We sleep to wake-up and we die to live.
— Ancient Egyptian Proverb

Accelerate your Healing and Progression with Ancient Healings

The universal law of "As within so without" helps us to understand how our inner state can impact our external environment both in terms of what we are creating as well as what we are experiencing. From a metaphysical perspective a lot of the inner imbalances we experience as difficult emotions or inner states as well as outer results such as difficulty manifesting certain situations or experiences are as result of an imbalance is one of the different human energy systems: the aura, the chakras, the magnetic lines, the 4 elements or the etheric energy. All ancient traditions - we are often more familiar with the eastern ones here in the west! - acknowledge this link. The following healings are powerful in healing the energy bodies and I found that this greatly speeds up the healing process. The help to let go of recurring patterns and develop a lasting sense of inner peace and stability. 

 Life Activation Session


Reconnect to your true essence, activate dormant gifts and get a boost on your healing journey taking steps towards living your true purpose. This 90 minute session will take about 1-3 months to integrate fully and will benefit you in all areas of your life. The life activation brings light into your emotions, nervous system, the connection to your higher self. It is a very unique modality that goes back 3000 years, I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a shift. 

Ensofic Ray


This soothing and very relaxing hands-on healing session brings down the purity  and healing power of the ENSOFIC RAY for both physical as well as emotional healing. An out of this world experience that will take you to the depths of your being. This session is highly recommended for anyone dealing with imbalances of the mental, emotional or also of the physical body. It can be performed in parallel with normal allopathic medicine and supports the healing process greatly. It is also very beneficial for children or young babies recovering after birth. 

King Solomon Healing Series

This healing series is designed for very deep healing on all levels and will completely transform deep seated patterns as well as create the foundation for all phyiscal healing. In 10 sessions the whole energy system of the client is completely cleared and transformed. The sessions are performed with 1-2 weeks in between. These Sacred Modality changes the lives of those who receive them. Most experience feeling unburdened, a lightness, and a strong sense of well-being--free from mental and emotional entanglements and being enmeshed in the trivia of daily affairs. Most experience greater happiness, joy, self- confidence, self-assurance, feel mentally and emotionally strong, as well as a greater connection to the Spiritual and the Divine.

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