Ensofic Ray

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Delivered over 3 sessions this course will help to shift physical challenges as well as emotional patterns. The 13 rays are anchored to your structure and will support you in releasing any unwanted negative habits in all areas of life. This includes challenging thought patterns and emotions. Combined with the powerful physical healing this is a wonderful course of session for people seeking to truly shift into a new dimension of being with more clarity, peace and harmony in their lives as well as for people seeking physical healing. After the 3 sessions the benefits can be maintained through an annual top-up session. 

First session:

Balancing of the left & brain hemisphere
Preparing the physical body to receive the 13 rays of session 2

Second session:

Balancing of the left & brain hemisphere
Anchoring of the 13 rays, a very holy and clearing process
The 13 rays remain connected to you through powerful symbols and support your healing on all levels. 

Third session: 

Balancing of the left & brain hemisphere
Treatment of negative habits (thoughts, emotions, behaviours)

360£/3 sessions (3 hours)
140£/1 session (1 hour), in person or distance healing