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What if being strong was not always being strong?

Sabine's story: In a workshop I led recently there was a beautiful moment when a participant, Sabine (name changed), was able to, for the first time, let-go and get support from her partner in life. She had learned very early to rely on herself, growing-up with very un-supportive parents and in the typical English boarding school environment. The coping mechanisms of being very responsible and very caring for others carried her through childhood. However, they also meant that as an adult she was a bit trapped in that role of being strong and very afraid to let got and acknowledge her own emotions and needs.

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The Three Layers of Transformation

In very simplified terms our brain can be divided into 3 levels that all have different functions: the cognitive brain responsible for analysing and rational thinking, the limbic system responsible for our emotions, and the reptilian brain responsible for our automatic and instinctive reactions to for example danger (e.g. fight or flight). Transformation comes from working with all 3 layers.

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