The journey back home, or from Pain to Peace is a journey of unlearning or rediscovering of our essence.
— Tanmaya George

Transforming Limiting Beliefs
with the Learning Love Method

We often are not aware of the beliefs about ourselves and the world around us and without our knowing they drive our behaviour and decisions. Because we rely on all the past experiences to assess present situations we can at times re-create painful patterns or stay limited in our expression. Our personality is a construct developed as a reaction to the environment we grew up and evolved in. The culture, the people around us everything influenced it. Opposite that constructed personality and behaviours is our individuality or essence. A pure expression of our spirit that we often are not in touch with anymore because of all the habitual personality traits we have adopted. 

The journey back home or from Pain to Peace is a journey of unlearning and rediscovering. When we reconnect with our essence life gets lighter, more play-and joyful. We are at ease with ourselves and comfortable with making mistakes and learning from them. We enjoy being alone because we are not really alone. We also enjoy sharing our gifts and joy with others in relationships and through our work or creativity. 

What issues?

What kind of issues? Some people come because they’re stuck, some with a persistent sense of dissatisfaction or because of past trauma that is still making itself felt in day to day life. Others simply because they feel a yearning to know and understand themselves better.


Examples of challenges that can be addressed

  • Difficulties in relationships, co-dependency, feeling unloved or unlovable
  • Anger at oneself and others
  • Sense of not being good enough
  • Fear to start new projects or to do the work you really want to do
  • Fear of speaking-up and being heard, of having a voice
  • Difficulties in setting limits and saying no
  • Jealousy in relationship or at work
  • Lack of joy and pleasure in life, sense of hopelessness
  • ..etc.

What happens in a session?

At first I will invite you to share about what area in your life doesn’t flow. For example, your relationships to others, to yourself, your work… anything that currently causes frustration, emotional difficulties and where there is a lack of joy and expansion. Through guided meditation, gentle inquiry, constellations, inner child work, gestalt- and body-oriented techniques we will bring awareness to unconscious beliefs and I will share tools with you that you can use to transform them. Usually this includes specific exercises you can take with you and practice in situations where the challenges tend to arise. 

I recommend to start with a course of 3-5 regular sessions, after which we can space out sessions more depending on your need.

Want to practice..? 



Practice with a guided meditation


When you need to bring light to a conflict or difficult situation - this track integrates elements of the Learning Love method


Or download the guide to going from Pain to Peace in relationships

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To get in touch or book a session

You are very welcome to get in touch for questions, to arrange a free introductory phone call (15min) or to book a session with me in Kensington/London or over skype. Any message you leave below will go directly to my email.

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