I thought I should write and let you know how I'm doing. And that is: really well!  I feel just amazing and have really turned things around. I'm loving work and although it's stressy I no longer feel that fear and dread I used to. I have a new level of confidence and am working in a way that I feel I've never achieved before.

I'm sure this is as a result of the work we did together so I want to thank very much for your support and your skills. If there's any way I could give a testimonial on your website, if you need that, then please just say.

I thought the following wording would be good, but please let me know if you feel it needs a tweak.

The sessions I had with Tanmaya have helped me turn my life around.  At first, I was really unsure and didn't understand what was going to happen, but I had feelings during the experiencing that I've not had for many years. Somehow, through this process, I've found a greater understanding of my fears, and a new level of confidence that has enabled me to believe in myself again. 

Darren, Consultant London

Tanmaya George