Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we needed to know.
— Pema Choedron


By taking time out of your daily routines and dedicating a few days to your inner world you can transform and progress much faster and will find that you will come-out feeling rejuvenated and inspired with new tools to address the challenges in your life. Each workshop works with a particular topic and they can be attended in any order because you enter as you are and even when you repeat a workshop you might find that you end up working on different issues as you might have outgrown the previous ones. 


About The Workshop Series

From Pain to Peace: Growing in Relationships

Relationships with friends, family, beloveds can bring up a lot of pain and conflict. At times we can resist, blame and repeat patterns over and over again. The From Pain to Peace workshops are about learning and practicing tools that are essential to deeper connection and relating from a mature space. Like that we can use whatever arrises in relationships to grow. This short Webinar gives an introduction into this work. 


We are often not aware of mechanisms that prevent us from living deeper and more fulfilling relationships. In these 2.5 days retreats we will very gently generate awareness and learn how to let go of the ways in which we at times sabotage or prevent ourselves from living the relationships (and life) we would really want to live. As a result we can not only live deeper relationships but also learn to live with more joy and lightness in the relationship to ourselves.

The retreats consist of a mix of inner exercises, guided meditations, constellations and short, pragmatic explanations. The approach is based on the model of the Learning Love institute ( as well as somatic healing methods (

This work is about:

  • learning how to be connected as well as independent and authentic in relationships
  • bringing awareness to reactivity: learning how to respond and not to react
  • recognizing and transforming unconscious ways in which we sabotage relating and deeper connection
  • learning how to transform relationship pain

No previous experience with meditation is required.


From Pain to Peace: Growing in Relationships I

Learning the healing movements for abandonment and invasion

  • Gently bring awareness to how you shape you relationship patterns unconsciously (e.g. abusive partner, difficulty in establishing a long-term relationship)
  • Learn how you can heal the early attachment wounds of abandonment and invasion that are often at the root of relating difficulties
  • Practice a new way of being with yourself and others that you can take with you after the retreat
  • Learn and practice meditation practices to support you on your journey

From Pain to Peace: Growing in Relationships II

Stepping out of fear and co-dependency

  • Bring awareness to how fear is affecting your relationship to yourself, others and your creativity
  • Learn how to be with fear and gently transform it using a gentle body-oriented approach that integrates both ancient mindfullness as well as modern neuroscience based methods
  • Practice these tools in a safe and gentle space so you can take them with you after the retreat

The above retreats are for singles, individuals and couples. Couples can choose for themselves if they would like to attend jointly or individually. Even if only of the two is interested and wants to come that is perfect. The work focuses on our individual unconscious barriers and so very often the relationship still shifts when just one person attends.



From Pain to Peace: Growing in Relationships for Women

Reconnect with the wild, empowered, divine feminine

  • In the safe and healing space of a women's circle take time to reconnect with the wild, empowered, divine feminine 
  • Discover your personal mix of masculine and feminine energies (ying and yang) and how it feels to balance it more 
  • Learn the essential tools of relating from a mature space where you include the vulnerable feminine side and keep it safe