By transforming the way we experience and react to our everyday life internally, we  are given the key to transmuting external and internal limitations and to creating a fulfulling life and work. I offer a blend of selected, highly effective ancient and modern tools of transformation to do just that, delivered either in 1:1 sessions or workshops. 

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The Journey from Pain to Peace
Enjoying Self and Life

It starts by recognizing something is missing..
A longing to live life more fully, with more joy, to be more complete, or to solve a particular issue.

Then the root causes, often unconscious beliefs about self and others, undischarged tension or frozen states in the nervous system and a disconnection from our individual essence can be addressed gently but effectively through a combination of ancient methods supported by Somatic Experiencing, a modern, body-oriented, neuroscience researched approach. 

The focus is not on understanding why a problem is there but on supporting you in  solving it.. I am here to empower you to become your own healer or problem solver using the methods that have worked for me and many others. 


Transform Limiting Beliefs
with the Learning Love® Method

As within so without. We are often not aware of how we co-create the painful patterns and situations we wish to change in our relationship with others and ourselves. By gently bringing awareness and love to our unconscious internal world and beliefs that were shaped by our environment we can transform limiting patterns.

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Release Tension from the Nervous System with Somatic Experiencing®

The nervous system stores past experiences and at times this creates anxiety, tension in the body and unhelpful automatic responses to situations (e.g. freeze). By gently allowing the body to release charges (i.e. stress) from past experiences we open to new possibilities.

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Accelerate your Progression with Ancient Lineage Healing 

All ancient traditions teach us that a healthy energy structure (healthy aura, good energy flow, open chakras etc) is the foundation for a healthy inner climate and fulfilment in all areas of our life. By gently rebalancing these systems we can greatly support the healing. 

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About Tanmaya

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My own journey of coming back to myself inspired me to share the gifts I received with others. I had been looking for a way to have a positive impact on the world around me and my own journey made me realise that when we change everything around us can change for the better too. So I am passionate about sharing the tools I found effective to make a difference on this planet. 

I work intuitively and by empowering you to do your own healing. Originally from Switzerland my travel and studies have taken me to India, Singapore, France, Peru, Egypt and now London where I live with my husband since 2012 and where I work from my private practice in Kensington. I am certified as a body-oriented counsellor and teacher by the Learning Love Institute Sedona, as Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and trained in Women Circle Leadership, Inner Child Work, Centred Leadership as well as Family Constellation. I am also initiated as a Celtic Shaman and Healer in the King Solomon Lineage through the Modern Mystery School. Originally trained as an Engineer, MBA and former consultant with McKinsey & Company I still occasionally support start-ups and other companies as a coach and am a faculty on Centered Leadership programmes. 


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Feel like practising right away..?

Practice with one of the guided meditations or download the guide to going from Pain to Peace in relating down below. 


Your wisdom

When you need to bring light to a conflict or difficult situation - this track integrates elements of the Learning Love method

To The Rescue

In a moment of high stress or anxiety - this track integrates elements of Somatic Experiencing to calm the nervous system


A Morning Meditation

A simple meditation for a morning or evening meditation to relax, ground and arrive in the moment. Enjoy!

Download the Guide
How to go From Pain to Peace in Relationships

Relationships with ourselves and others can often be challenging... the guide below lays out simple steps you can follow to use these challenges to help you grow from Pain to Peace.

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